How to Join the GSODA Junior Players 2018

GSODA Workshop 2018

The GSODA Junior Players conducts a Musical Theatre workshop each year for children interested in joining the main company. The workshop runs for school terms 2, 3 & 4 and culminates in a performance piece in November of each year.

From this workshop group, new members are chosen to fill vacancies in the main company.
There is a nominal ceiling of 65 members of the Junior Players main company at any one time.

Because of the popularity of the GSODA Junior Players, an audition process is used to choose members of the workshop and a further audition is required to gain entry into the main company, although such attributes as behavior, discipline, attendance and attention to detail are also used as entrance criteria.

Although this may seem harsh, the process does prepare the children for the systems in place in the Junior Players company. An audition is a natural occurance to gain a role in any production the company performs, even after the children have gained a position in the Junior Players.

The workshop teaches basic theatre skills and allows the children to experience first hand the processes employed in putting together a musical production. It also raises awareness of both children and parents of the committment required to be a member of the GSODA Junior Players.

When is the Workshop?

Saturday afternoons between 2pm and 5pm.
This is the same times the Junior Players rehearse all year. 

However the Junior Players main company also rehearses on a Tuesday evenng between 7pm and 9pm.

Who can join?

Boys and girls aged between 10 and 14 by January 1 of the workshop year.

How to apply to join?

By downloading the Application form and returning it with a stamped, self addressed envelope to

The Workshop Secretary
GSODA Junior Players
PO Box 724
Geelong Vic 3220


For more information you can email:

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